We see children of all ages, as early as 1 year old. Most children need to have an eye exam before they enter school, to determine if their eyes are healthy and their vision is developing appropriately. This is a crucial period in your child’s life, as most untreated vision problems, which may be unknown to you or you child, can lead to permanent decreased or loss of vision later on.


Early detection is important to insuring that proper treatment is given before your child experiences difficulty due to poor vision, especially in school. If you notice that your child is having problems focusing at any distance, has difficulty reading, squints, frequently blinks, rubs his or her eyes, and/or notice an eye turn, it is important your child comes in as soon as possible for an exam.  


Our doctors will thoroughly check the health of your child’s eyes as well as their vision. Visual acuity, eye tracking and focusing abilites, near and farsightedness, and color blindness are all assessed. We can also detect crossed eyes/lazy eyes/amblyopia and begin treatment promptly.