Dry eye is a very common condition that leaves a person’s eyes feeling dry, irritated, red, watery and/or the sensation that “something is in the eye.” It can damage the eye’s tissues and make a person’s vision blurry, or  give the feeling that there is a “film” over the vision. Typically, one may get dry eye from eyelid or blinking problems, environment, allergies, medication, injury and/or other health-related issues.  The eyes may become dry because there is a chemical imbalance to tear production, or the tear glands don’t produce enough tears.

Our doctors will determine what is causing your symptoms and how to treat your dry eye, either through traditional wetting drops or prescription medication such as Restasis or Xiidra.  

As an option for dry eye treatment, we also offer punctal plugs insertion, which can lessen or eliminate the need for wetting eyedrops all together. Punctal plug insertion is covered by most insurances, and is a quick, painless, in office procedure where a small medical device is placed in the tear duct to slow the drainage of your natural tears, leaving your eyes feeling lubricated and comfortable, and significantly improving dry eye symptoms.